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Cross channel multivariate content optimization that works.

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Adaptr solves your optimization needs.

Design, implement and continuously optimize across channels.

Bring your own data.

Connect as many or as little of your companies data sources to create your optimized actionable insights.

Real time in-depth insights.

Watch your conversion rates increase in real time as Adaptr optimizes your content, funnels and more on the fly.

Create highly engaged users.

Enjoy increased engagement, higher return on investment and more as you continually serve more engaging content.

A easy to use platform built to simplify content optimization, actionable insights and customer happiness.


Create an experience for your customers.

Deliver a best in class experience your users will love and keep them coming back for more.

Engage with real time email optimization.

Build experiences using up to the second campaign data to serve the most engaging content to your visitors and clients.

Take advantage of Adaptr’s real time personalization analytics and prediction models to increase your click through, effective and conversion rates while decreasing your database churn.


Convert with contextual funnels and forms.

Adaptr’s machine learning driven profile center creates dynamic, relevant and personalized forms and funnels your users will actually want to complete.

Adaptr creates on the fly funnels and forms based on known users behaviors, look-a-like groups, question weighting and more.


Profile and delight with predictive insights

Discover things about your users, prospects and customers that not even they know about themselves with Adaptr’s advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence predictive intelligence.

Adaptr helps you identify the next best action for your users, cross sell opportunities, image and semantic preferences, contact time optimization and so much more.


Adaptr is packed with features.

  • All your assets in the one secure place

    Store all of your test assets on our reliable and secure servers

  • Easy to understand reporting tools

    Share your insights and analytics with easy to read reporting

  • Import and export your data

    Connect your data seamlessly or export and reuse your insights

  • Platform and language agnostic

    No two systems are the same, so we built Adaptr to fit your needs

  • In-depth image analysis

    Discover what features really engages your users

  • Speak their language

    Use language that resonates with your users

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