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Veterinary telemedicine for dogs, cats, and horses.  “Tele-” means “from afar.” Our mission is to connect primary care and specialty medicine like never before.




We are here to help: our goal is to help you better serve your clients and patients.


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Routine and emergency consultations for ocular disease in companion animals, equids, large animals and exotics.


Online Client Resources

Download client handouts and treatment forms to improve client understanding and compliance.

Altruism Initiative

Free telemedicine consults for registered service animals and shelter animals in need of ophthalmology expertise.

The Colibri Commitment: Our consult continues until your patient’s problem is resolved.

Mission Statement.

Our goal is to provide advice for patients that are otherwise unable to seek specialty care – in doing so, we hope to collaborate with you to improve patient care and reduce the stress of complicated cases.  In our mind, telemedicine does not replace specialty exams but improves point of care medicine.  At the same time, we plan to continue evolving as technology allows.

How to improve your photography skills.


Upgrade to a Smartphone

Iphones and androids can be used to take amazing ocular photos – practice before your first case.


Reduce Ambient Light

Indoor photos with reduced ambient light are preferred – an indirect light source may be useful.  Experiment with the flash.


Focus is the Key

Zooming in for a closeup is ideal but making sure the eye is in focus is crucial.




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